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EUnoia is a non-governmental, non-political, non-religious and non-profit organisation.

EUnoia’s activities and decision-making are independent of the government, governmental institutions, organisations, parties or political parties, religion, business etc. EUnoia can be part of networks, alliances or organisations inside and outside the country.

The decision on EUnoia membership is made by the Board of Directors.


The association promotes interdisciplinary and innovative experiences dedicated to creating social welfare and improving the environment where we live in accordance with local cultures and traditions.

The association promotes the performance of activities in education, training, protection and development of historical-artistic wealth, nature and environment as well as the promotion of culture and art, scientific research of special social interest.

Its focus is the traditions of Albanian lands through their expression and representation according to the models of production and construction of architecture, traditions of city building, traditions in architecture, art, handicrafts and design. Designs and implements projects with social benefits that through training, university research, promotion of knowledge and preservation of tangible and intangible assets can be realized appropriate social innovations for the growth and well-being of the community in accordance with local traditions.

To achieve the institutional goals, networks can be created for the socio-economic development of the territory using the design tools for a high degree of development of the territories, businesses, products and services; and design for social innovation and community well-being, preservation and development of tangible and intangible assets in harmony with tradition.

The association aims to sensitize the public on the above objectives and to organize activities, trainings and scientific research.

In particular, the Association may undertake and promote publications, conferences, exhibitions and seminars.

The association can pursue its goals through agreements with other agencies or institutions with similar goals, from which it can benefit material and non-material goods. Other areas of activity will be: education, dissemination of information about tangible and intangible heritage, local traditions, traditional construction, arts and crafts, sustainable communities and design for social innovation.

Also, the Association will undertake the following activities: networking activities, conferences, participation in publishing projects, distribution and publications, research on various topics of tradition and organize activities, meetings and trainings.

The association is not allowed to be involved in the activities of political parties.

The activities of the association and its goals are inspired by the principles of equal opportunities between men and women and respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.

In order to pursue social goals, the Association aims to:

- Encouragement for the establishment of workshops in cooperation with other associations, local authorities and universities;

- Promotion of meetings with local government and generally with agencies and institutions dealing with urban development, spatial planning, with the aim of favoring the creation of instruments for sustainable development of urban systems;

Organizing cultural activities and promoting the development of a common culture driven by the use of renewable energy sources and energy conservation, recycling and reuse, waste treatment and the use of local organic agriculture.

- Promoting awareness of its activities by all means such as newspapers, radio and television, public meetings, conferences, publications in magazines, books, DVDs, etc.

- Encourages exchanges with similar projects in Albania and abroad.

- Performs any additional activities referring to social goals, such as fundraising, etc.

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